Travel Insurance

 Travel with confidence and peace of mind.

Mile Zero Tours is licensed and certified to provide travel insurance through Manulife World Travel, one of the most respected providers in the travel industry. Whether travelling outside of your province or out of the country for a few days or a few months, Mile Zero Tours can offer you the personalized coverage you need to be financially protected against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may happen prior to or during your trip. You protect your home and your belongings, so why not your vacation? You don’t want to worry about anything when you travel. No one expects to have a medical emergency away from home, or to have to cancel a trip due to an unforeseen emergency. But events happen, even to the most well-prepared travelers. You just never know. 

Think you are currently covered with sufficient insurance? 

“My credit card covers me.”

Emergency medical coverage on many cards stops at a certain age or duration. Some cards only cover trip interruption, not trip cancellation prior to departure. The majority of claims occur prior to departure. Some cards will not cover ANY pre-existing conditions regardless of stability. You may not be covered if a family member who is not travelling with you gets sick or injured and you have to cancel your trip.  

“I have a group plan through work that covers me.”

The same applies to Group Insurance Plans. Ask if your spouse is covered for a subsistence allowance if you were to be in hospital and if it would pay for you both to return home. Does it cover loss or damage to your luggage? Do you have to pay first for covered medical expenses? Having to pay medical expenses up front can be devastating.  

I am travelling within Canada; my provincial health care will cover this.”

Many people assume that all their costs will be covered if they are in an accident or have an emergency while out of their province of residence but still within Canada. Government health insurance plans (MSP in BC) do not cover all emergency medical expenses incurred outside your province or territory of residence. Often, they will only cover a portion. Government health insurance will also often not pay for emergency transportation such as ambulances (land and air) ,prescription drugs required, trip cancellation and interruption expenses (hotels, meals etc.) or loss or damage to your personal property, such as luggage or video camera. Many people do not realize the extra expenses involved in emergencies can be enormous, even while still in Canada. 

Travel with confidence and peace of mind. Call Mile Zero Tours for your travel protection whether you require it for one of our tours or for any other travel adventure. Toll free at 1-844-590-0811 or 250-590-0811.